Youth Support Group

Youth Support Group Coming Soon!

Here At NAMI we are working diligently to lay out the groundwork for youth mental health education. part of that groundwork includes a new youth centered support group.

Young Adult Advisory Council

NAMI Jacksonville's Young Adult Advisory Council - YAAC - is forming now! Led by young adults aged 18-26 who are interested in providing perspectives about NAMI Jacksonville youth and young adult programs and initiatives. YAAC members serve as advocates for NAMI Jacksonville, provide expertise/advice in specific areas such as mental health advocacy and activism, social media, outreach and engagement, as well as education specific to youth and young adults. Members also spearhead a youth serving project from planning to completion within their term. Members will also spread awareness and fundraising for youth projects and serve as an honorary spokesperson for NAMI Jacksonville in their specific role on the YAAC.

Request the YAAC application from Daja Hall at Application accepted until August 18.

About Youth Support

NAMI Youth Support Group is a new free, peer-led support group led by NAMI-trained facilitators who have personal experience of living with mental illness. Youth support is designed for young adults living with mental illness who will gain insight from hearing from others like you. NAMI’s support groups meet  bi-weekly, weekly or monthly and are unique because they follow a structured model to ensure you and others have an opportunity to be heard and to get what you need.

We are a support group that focuses on allowing participants to share their experiences and learn from each other in a safe environment. We don’t take attendance. We maintain confifdentiality.

Youth Support Group is free and open to any individual in high school living with mental illness who is seeking support, compassion, and tips for recovery. Any non-participant observation is not permitted.  

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What You'll Gain

By sharing your experiences in a safe and confidential environment, you will gain hope and develop relationships. The group encourages empathy, productive discussion and a sense of community. NAMI Youth Support Group will help you:

  • See the individual first, not the illness
  • Recognize that mental illnesses are medical illnesses that may have environmental triggers
  • Understand that mental illnesses are traumatic events
  • Aim for better coping skills
  • Find strength in sharing experiences
  • Reject stigma and not tolerate discrimination
  • Not judge anyone’s pain
  • Forgive ourselves and reject guilt
  • Embrace humor as healthy
  • Accept that we cannot solve every problem
  • Work for a better future in a realistic way
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Youth Mental Health

One of NAMI’s main goals is to ensure that people get help early. Since mental health conditions typically begin during childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood, we have compiled essential information and resources intended to help young people get the mental health support they need.

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A image of a family sitting together on a bench during sunset. The sun is casting rays of light through the branches of the nearby tree

Looking for more youth support?

Family Support

Family Support Groups are open only to family members, care givers, and friends of a loved one with mental illness seeking support, compassion, and education about caring for their loved one. We have a Family Support Group specifically for parents and caregivers of youth and young adult.

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Peer Support

Connection Recovery Support Groups are open only to individuals living with mental illness who are seeking support, compassion, and recovery.

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NAMI On Campus

NAMI on Campus clubs work to end the stigma that makes it hard for students to talk about mental health and allows them to get the help they need.

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Ending the Silence

A designed for middle and high school students that include warning signs, facts and statistics and how to get help for themselves or a friend. 

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The mission of NAMI Jacksonville is to support and improve the quality of life for family members and those living with mental illnesses and co-occurring substance abuse through compassion, education, and advocacy.

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